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Christian Family Camps

Have you been looking for a relaxed and restful place for your family to get to know each other better? Have you been looking for a vacation that would create lasting memories and promote spiritual growth at the same time? Christian family vacations at Christian family camps may be the answer to your next trip together. Today’s Christian family needs a time and place where they can enjoy each other’s.. Read More

The King in Exile The Fall of the Royal Family of Burma book Sudha Shah, 9350292262, 97893502922

Key Features The book is a vital contribution to Burmese, Indian and British history; it deals with a subject that has not been addressed before Has thirty-two pages of photos and several original handwritten letters Chronicles the story of Burmese independence from the British and is particularly relevant today when the country is moving from military rule to democracy About the Book: The King in Exile: The Fall of the.. Read More

Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas For Extended Family

Searching for the right gift for grandparents can lead you down memory lane, in terms of the many product ideas geared towards treasuring memories. We all can understand why our grandparents are sentimental. Children grow up very quickly and grandparent’s have a need to record all their grand children’s milestones from the first steps to the first Christmas and more. One of the perfect ideas for family Christmas gifts for.. Read More

WATLI PEERAN (dist..Chakwal)

Watli Peeran is a beautifull village of tehsil Choa,sedan shah ,dist Chakwal. Here the peer family has satteled for many years. This family is the descendent of HAZRAT BAHAOUDDIN ZAKARIA MULTANI SOHARWARDI (R.A). In the peer family of watli shareef the most famous personality who was a great sufi (wali-Allah), Hazrat Peer Shah Jamal (R.A). The descendent of Peer Shah Jamal (R.A) sattelled in diffrent places such as “Tatral” ,.. Read More

Important Points To Keep Your Family Safe From Fire

None of us wants to experience fire. It is very destructive for the soul and property. Not only will you lose what you owned but you can also lose the people you love. As much as possible, we want to prevent this from happening to us. Here are some helpful guidelines that will prevent fire from occurring: 1.Make sure the proper set up of devices that utilize flame or heat.. Read More

Affordable Resorts – Enjoy One Day Family Picnics Near Delhi

When the occupied calendars break in, youll discover no opportunity to be with your family on an occasion. As a father you will be grouped with work sheets and as a mother, all the family obligations lay on your shoulders. Shouldn’t something be said about the children? It is safe to say that they are basically carrying on with an advanced life possessed by film amusements and their phones? here.. Read More

For Family Vacations On A Friendly Budget – Choose An All Inclusive Resort For Convenience And Fun

It is no big news that family vacations have become a big challenge. Sometimes the costs are so prohibitive, that vacations are a last thing in the minds of the parents. Places that are friendly on the budgets for the family are difficult to find, which adds to the stress factor of vacationing. A family vacation need not be stressful if you are able to understand the benefits of choosing.. Read More

Family Takes Spotlight In Tourism Oscars

Staff and the family owners of a Newton Abbot holiday park are celebrating their success in reaching the finals of the region’s top tourism competition. The Dewhirst family of Dornafield Farm Caravan Park learned this week that their business is a finalist in the Holiday Park of the Year section of the South West Tourism Excellence Awards. Widely recognised as the “Oscars of the tourism industry, the competition celebrates the.. Read More

On Family Calendar How To Teach Kids About The Importance Of Time

For people who juggle multiple work and family priorities, a family calendar is the most appropriate calendar to have, not just for the parent but for the whole family. In the busy time that we live, it gives each family member a chance to let everyone in the family know what activities they will be involved in during the upcoming days, weeks and even months ahead. Kids should be taught.. Read More